How long will the procedure take?

On average each treatment takes around 1 and a half hours, this includes your consultation.


Is the procedure painful?

Each individual is different, but with advances in equipment and techniques I aim to keep discomfort to a minimum.


Is there a minimum age for SPMU?

Yes, the minimum age is 18 as its classed as a form of tattoo.


Can I have SPMU if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

No, we don't allow pregnant women or breast feeding women to have SPMU.


Can I have SPMU if I feel unwell on the day?

No, you must be well on the day of the procedure, if in doubt contact me.

Can medication or health problems affect the result of the treatment?

Yes, colour and healing time can be affected, please discuss with me if you have any concerns.


How many treatments do I need?

Initially you will need 2 x separate treatments. The first a base layer and the second a top-up 4 - 6 weeks apart.  After that you will need a top-up treatment annually to keep your SPMU perfect.


How long will the SPMU last?

Although pigment molecules remain in the skin indefinitely, the colour remains visible for 1 - 2 years as an average. This varies depending on your age, skin type, colour choice and lifestyle.

What happens after the procedure?

Immediately after treatment the area may be swollen and the colour will appear darker. This may last for several days. A complete healing process can take up to 6 weeks for the pigment to mature and the true colour to emerge.


Do I have a choice on the placement and colour used in the SPMU?

Yes, of course, you are consulted every step of the way during the procedure.


How can I pay for the treatment?

Cash, Card, Bank Transfer and Paypal are all available.


Do I pay the full cost up front?

You can pay in full on your first treatment or you can pay half then and the remainder after your top-up.  If you are coming for an annual treatment, full payment is taken as its a one off.


Can I use a sun bed or sunbathe with SPMU?

We recommend not to do so initially until after the treatment is healed. UV light can affect the colour, we recommend to use factor 50 sunblock on the treated area before any exposure to UV light, sunbathing.


Can I give blood after having my treatment?

The red cross advise to await at least 4 months before giving blood.


Will SPMU affect any medical treatments?

MRI Scans have been known to pick up the dye used. Also you may experience a slight tingling sensation. Please inform your radiologist before treatment.

Laser treatments can severely affect your SMPU. Do not allow the laser to hit the treated area as this can cause the dye to turn black. Please inform your laser technician and they can cover up the area.

If you any other questions or concerns over the treatment, please contact me.

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